Tips on running in the rain

Safety is always the number one priority for all athletes regardless of where, when and how they train. 

Follow these simple yet effective tips on how to keep comfortable in wet conditions:


Dress waterproof – Starting from the top, hats become one of your best friends when the weather turns against you. Anti-fog lenses of some sports eyewear can also enhance your vision during a chilly rainy day. Lightweight apparel that taper the moisture are great for running in the rain because they keep your body dry and dark coloured sports apparel is recommended to prevent see-through situations when your clothes become wet. Ending off your rainy run outfit with a pair of wicking socks and waterproof running shoes is a great idea because these socks help to reduce blisters, feet odor and discomfort, while the shoes make running in the rain easy and fun.

Keep your body temperature warm – Runners often make the mistake of overdressing for the rain by putting on multiple layers of clothing to maintain their body temperature. However, if the apparels do not wick water, they become wet and even heavier. As such, simply make sure that the first layer is a technical fabric (i.e. polypropylene) that wicks water and sweat, and outer layer is one that is wind or water resistant.