Service Center: Deluxe Service for MTB’s

Guide to servicing:

  • Recommended interval for MTB – Perform a Major Service every 12 months/once every 6000km’s
  • Recommended interval for Road Bikes – Perform a Major Service every 12 months/once 10 000km’s
  • If you purchase a bike at or Weskus sports then we offer the first 200km or within 6 weeks service free. (Inspection service)
  • Labour rate @R350 per hour
  • Pick-up and delivery of bike to be serviced at R150 extra outside the Vredenburg free zone.

DELUXE service – R1100 – MTB

  • We strip bike completely into individual components, inspect all moving parts & bearings, clean and replace worn parts under R300 will be replaced without notification – rebuild bike as new.
  • All of the major service + service dual suspension pivots (excluding parts)
  • Test ride bike
  • Repair/replace recommendation of parts over R300.
  • MAJOR SERVICE  (included):
      • Check brakes
      • Check gears
      • Check all bolts
      • Check sealant (top-up charge extra @R100 per 100ml)
      • Repair recommendation if necessary
      • Service headset
      • Service bottom bracket (where possible)
      • Service hubs and free-hub (where possible)
      • Replace shift cable & housing
      • Wash, lube & polish
      • Check suspension air pressure
      • Health & safety check
      • Tyre check for wear
      • True Wheels
      • Chain check for wear
      • Test ride bike
      • Repair recommendation if necessary

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