Mizuno Sayonara – Skydiver

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Mizuno Sayonara (mens)


Blur the lines between race day and everyday in this performance neutral shoe. With a sleek fit and low-profile midsole, this lightweight, responsive ride is perfect for those days you want to go fast. Now with an even softer feel and an exhanced fit in the forefoot, the Sayonara 4 looks and feels faster than ever.

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A few tears may have been shed when we learned that Mizuno was discontinuing the Wave Precision, an Editor’s Choice winner just one year ago. But the Sayonara has taken over the valuable shelf space once reserved for that shoe. Wear-testers, too, took a strong liking to it. “They’re lightweight, but have enough support to be awesome on long runs!” raved Martha McGonegal, of East Lansing. The Sayonara features a new midsole compound Mizuno calls U4ic, which is lighter than its previous foam but has similar cushioning ability. That said, the Sayonara delivers a firmer ride, mostly because there’s less foam being used. This debut model sits lower to the ground—especially at the heel, where the Precision had a stack height of 35.3 mm. The result is a shoe that weighs 1.2 ounces less. The support Martha mentioned above comes in part because of the solid arch. Lacking a scooped-out shape or a plastic shank, the Sayonara makes complete contact with the ground from heel to toe. That allows the shoe to work fine for neutral runners, but offers subtle guidance for runners who need some extra help.

BOTTOM LINE: A sound choice for up-tempo workouts or race day