Morne’s tips on cycling in hot conditions

Summer is in full swing with the holidays just around the corner – which means lovely weather for a bike ride.. Morne has a few tips for you on cycling in hot weather conditions…

  • Avoid sunburn & Hydrate:
    • Even-though heat increases your metabolism (which is a good thing) it also de-hydrates you. Protect yourself by applying a good sunscreen, choose cycling jerseys and arm skins with sun-protection and wear a cap under your helmet to prevent that nasty sunburn you while you ride out.
    • Add a neck wrap for extra protection.
    • Refrigerate your drinks (even freeze them if it’s very hot) the day before you decide to ride or pop some ice-cubes in your hydration pack. Langebaan has some cool spots to re-hydrate after your ride – check out Pearly’s on the Beach, Windtown or Marc’s Beach Bar next to Club Mykonos. 
  • Get wet: I know it’s a tempting idea to toss a few ice cubes down your jersey to cool down but rather don’t. Instead, pour cool water over your neck and fore-arms or wipe your arms with a cool damp towel.
  • Pace yourself:  Don’t overdo it – try to maintain your pace like you would do on a milder cycling day. Cut warm-up time to half than normal on hot and humid days.

Don’t forget to have fun!

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