Montague Mountain Mania MTB – Avalon Springs, Montague – 28 May 2016

Date: 28 May 2016
Time: 07:15
Event Cost: 80km (R250), 55km (R2000), 30km (R150), 10km (NA)
Location: Avalon Springs Hotel, Montagu
Distance: 80km; 60km; 30km; 10km



The 80 km, 60 km and 30 km riders can look forward to a scenic ride through orchards and fields with a bit of everything from jeep-track and single track to open gravel roads through the scenic Little Karoo. All routes share the last 10 km.

The 80 km route is aimed at the more experienced endurance rider who likes a challenge. There will be many steep climbs and down-hills, but the scenic views will provide ample reward. NOTE: Only attempt this route if you are fit and experienced.

The 60 km route riders will follow the 80 km route for the first 35 km before veering off. It is aimed at fit, experienced riders and includes technical climbs and descents.

The 30 km route is a pleasant, less technical route that takes you through orchards and the Karoo landscape, with some single track and jeep tracks.

The 10 km untimed funride is suitable for novices and children of all ages.

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