Giving back: Mariaan Wheeler

We got to know Mariaan early December 2015, when she visited our store at Weskus Mall to enquire about an alternative to her two wheel bicycle. She’s fighting a courageous battle against lung-cancer and being a keen cyclist had to give up the pleasure due to balancing issues. It’s common knowledge that a good attitude and healthy approach is the best and easiest way to deal with the disease and her doctor recommend she stay active – swimming and cycling.

So we decided to reach out and sponsor Mariaan with a brand new Schwinn Tricycle – our way of giving back to the loyal community on the West Coast.

Morne ordered the bike from Schwinn and once it arrived started assembling it. It was named ‘The Blue Lady’ – because Mariaan loves the color blue. We let Mariaan know she must pop in by our store when she visits Vredenburg again – she was a bit puzzled but said ok, she will see us soon then.

When she arrived we were all welcoming her – including The Blue Lady. Needless to say – it was love at first sight. We know this will be the start of a beautiful and uplifting journey (pun intended) – there’s nothing like experiencing the wind in your hair and taking in the west coast sights and smells while out cycling.


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