Cape Poineer Trek

Wow, what a race! It was a great challenge and achievement to be a part of the 2015 Cape Poineer Trek : RT-Cape Poineer Trek on Facebook

“After six days of traveling great distances – horizontally as well as vertically, experiencing huge varieties in climate, forging life-long friendships and running the gamut of emotions, the fitting finale of the Pioneer is a short stage in celebration of your achievements.

We depart Calitzdorp on a new route and with new-found appreciation for the world-class panoramas, openness and hospitality of SA’s port capital. The soul of the Pioneer is nowhere more evident than in the heartfelt sense of community found in this little Karoo town.

We break from the beaten track at Redstone Hills to find more untouched beauty in the new single track, and then on to Lategansvlei before coming full circle into Oudtshoorn. Roll in triumphantly as cheering crowds bring you home for the last time, putting the finishing touches to a lifelong memory.” #RaceWithSoul

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